Classic Little Saigon Oldie-But-Goodie Crank Call of the Day!

Thankfully, we've come to a point in our Orange County lives that being racist against Vietnamese is not only looked down upon, but considered plain dumb (anti-Mexican hatred on the other hand...). But there was a time from the 1980s up until the late 1990s when Vietnamese were even more despised than Mexicans, when the old gabacho guard of Garden Grove, Westminster, and SanTana were more than happy to rant about gooks and slopeheads in public--and especially to said Vietnamese refugees.

Don't believe me? Check out this prank phone call that a friend just forwarded me purported to have been recorded in the 1980s. It involves a Vietnamese man calling some old gabacho asking if he'd be cool with changing the name of Garden Grove to "New Saigon." The gaba, of course, gets furious and starts spewing all sorts of anti-Vietnamese crap--HILARIOUS.


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