Claim: Man Faces Deportation For Possessing Souvenir Dodgers Bat

Claim: Man Faces Deportation For Possessing Souvenir Dodgers Bat

A Facebook page has been set up to prevent the deportation of a 19-year-old man arrested by Santa Ana police for carrying a concealed weapon. The page was created in part by the Colectivo Tonantzin, a Costa Mesa-based activist group who has championed immigrant and day laborer causes since 2004. The page states the man, identified only as Michael, was pulled over by Santa Ana police more than a month ago and cited for driving without a license. That's not an arrestable offense, but during their search of Michael's vehicle, cops reportedly found a small Dodgers souvenir bat and promptly arrested him for possessing a concealed weapon (Angels' fans much?)

The page states Michael, who is undocumented, has until today to post bond or he faces deportation. "Michael is eager to be reunited with his family and is worried that he will not be there for the birth of his child, who will be born this week," the Facebook page reads. "With many people's small contributions, we can help Michael stay with his baby, wife, friends, and family and help him have a chance at a fair trial. Please help pass this story along to others who may be able to help."

Supporters are asking for donations to help the undocumented man's family, who have managed to raise $2,100 but need $400 more to allow him to stay in the country. We're putting in a request for comment by the Santa Ana Police Department. Stay tuned...

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