Chicano Comedy Aguruphobia Screens at the Frida This Saturday

Chicano Comedy Aguruphobia Screens at the Frida This Saturday

This Saturday is your chance to check out a unique independent Chicano film for a cause. A-Guruphobia, written by Richard Montes and Jade Puga, produced by Jade Puga and directed by Richard Montes, is a dark comedy about a guru, his biggest fan, and their mutual struggle to conquer ownership of the wave vibrator (um... what?). Not only does this event feature a screening of the film, but cast and crew will be on hand for a Q& A moderated by Macarthur genius Rueben Martinez of Libreria Martinez, as well as special guest Raul Alonso Evans with AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Price of admission guarantees you access to see the film and Q&A, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping the filmmakers complete their financial goals towards paying the actors in the film and distribution costs. And if that still doesn't convince you, consider that sponsor Jarritos will be giving away free bottles of soda to guests. So buy a ticket and GO GO GO!

A-Guruphobia surrounds young wannabe mystic Crystal Luna (Jade Puga), who has an obsession with internet celebrity mystic Guru Nanak (played by Pepe Serna, in a role he describes as a mix between Walter Mercado and Deepak Chopra).

While Crystal struggles with her own spiritual practice, she also struggles to cope with an extreme case of agoraphobia, which prevents her from leaving the house. And when she learns she's on the verge of losing her home to foreclosure, she develops her own winning technique to enlightenment called the wave vibrator, which wins the acclaim of her customers for its effectiveness.

A chance meeting with Nanak gets her closer to her idol, until she realizes he's after her spiritual method--leaving her in fear for her life from the man she once admired. Can Crystal save her home, thwart Nanak's attempts to take her wave vibrator (or her life)? Will Pepe Serna's black bob wig withstand the drama that will ensue? Find out Saturday night, and discuss the movies with the actors... but for now, peep the trailer below to check out snippets of the film. See you there!

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