Mr. Martinez
Mr. Martinez
Photo by Tenaya Hills...we miss you, chica!

Chapman University to Take Control of Libreria Martinez, Rename it "Libreria Martinez de Chapman University"

Man, Chapman University (the school from where I got my BA and where I currently teach) never ceases to surprise. The same university that once employed a Neanderthal as its head of the law school, homophobic John Eastman, also employs crazy-ass lefties. The same school that has busts of Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher also has busts to radical Paulo Freire and Martin Luther King, Jr.

And the school whose student body has long looked like the grandchildren of Balboa Bay Club members has committed itself to the Reconquista, getting more Latino nerds and making secular saint Rueben Martinez an ambassador for the school. And today, they announced they would ensure his legendary bookstore Librería Martinez would survive this digital age by announcing a partnership that rebrands it Libreria Martinez de Chapman University.

The announcement was made today during the school's annual "Closing the Latino Achievement Gap," where I was the lunchtime keynote speaker. Not many details were given, but what was announced was that the store would become a non-profit, grow in size, and get a facelift. Mr. Martinez will still be involved in the store and fully blesses the project--and if he says it's good, then we believe him.

The grand re-opening is scheduled for late October--see you there!

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