Carlos Bustamante, Santa Ana Councilmember, Resigns from County Job Over Sexytime Allegations

The big political news of the day happened yesterday: SanTana councilmember Busty "Carlos" Bustamante resigned from his job at the county while it investigates allegations that Busty had mucho sexytime explosions on the job with multiple colleagues. There are already calls for Busty to resign his council seat, and only Brave New Urbanists will miss the pendejo. Regardless, this sordid episode is the final nail in the already-dead political career of Busty, once hailed as the Great Brown Hope for the Orange County Republican Party. But it's also a helpful reminder that the GOP is so desperate for any brownies in their ranks that they continually mine from the lowest, stupidest, most-perverted sectors of Latinos--and given our predilection for said attributes, you know they're digging low.

Think about it: who has the GOP hailed over the years as their rising Mexi stars? There was Gaddi Vasquez, who sneaked onto the OC Board of Supervisors only to resign in disgrace due to his role in the county's bankruptcy. SanTana Unified Board of Trustees member Rosemarie Avila never had any hope of going anywhere, but she remained for years the most prominent Latino politician. Arch Know Nothing Lupe Moreno still sits on one GOP Central Committee or other, but all she's good for is railing about illegals--oh, and she might be the only Republican in the county that knows how to speak Spanish, even as a pocha.

And now? Who's left as the OC's Great Brown Hope? Former weirdo Anaheim councilmember Bob Hernandez?  Former weirder Mission Viejo guy Something Ledesma? Some retrograde in La Habra, Stanton, or those old Chicano cities whose old-timers got it worst from the old establishment, yet inexplicably became Republican? Busty was the best of an incredibly slim lot...and now, nothing.

Bustamante had it going good, even laughably running for the OC Board of Supes at one point, but his oozing perviness torpedoed his career--first, with an ill-advised water-bra joke, and now with alleged peccadilloes. He was the Golden Child, and GOP bigwigs pinned their hopes on him. Thanks, Busty! Anyone really think an ambitious Mexi has any chance anymore in the OC GOP? Of course they do--when you're desperate for a future in this state, the GOP will trot out any wab with a pulse. And the rest of us laugh and cringe at the Latinos in the Dems who are barely any better...


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