Candy Asser Erin Brooks Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime--HAHAHA

Today, in Orange County Superior Court, Erin Lee Brooks pleaded guilty for her role in the stabbing of a Mexican in Huntington Beach's Oak View barrio last summer that resulted in the beat-down of Brooks and three of her skinhead pals by a bunch of wabs.
This mother of a two-year-old played a minor role, being she was drunk off of her ass that night--she merely yelled "Stab him! Stab him!" to her amigos. But for that faux pas, Brooks will serve six months in county jail, and be on three years probation. Funniest part? As part of her sentencing, Brooks will have to enroll in a diversity program taught by the Museum of Tolerance, as delicious in irony as the original Slater Slums Smackdown.

Brooks pleaded to two felonies--accessory to a crime, and violation of someone's civil rights. She will join her fellow Candy Ass Gang members Bret Hicks, Michael Powell, and Brian Hanson, in serving time for their crimes. In the meanwhile, all together now:

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