Calvary Chapel Continues Homo-Hating Ways Even After Chuck Smith's Passing by Targeting Transgendered-Student Bill

Whenever the leader of a church passes away, the expectation is usually that the new leader will take it in a new direction to correct the excesses of the previous regime. Not so with Calvary Chapel, whose founder and leader Chuck Smith passed away last month. Papa Chuck set Calvary Chapel on a path to despise anything and everything LGBT, and they're continuing his proud tradition by helping to gather signatures for a proposed ballot measure that would target transgendered students in California's K-12 schools.

The target of their ire is AB 1266, which allows transgendered students to participate in school sports or use locker or bathroom facilities according to whichever gender they identify. Critics--and really, the only people who are criticizing AB 1266 are homophobes--claim this will lead to homosexuals invading the personal space of defenseless heteros and are busy gathering signatures to put an initiative on the ballot repealing the assembly bill, much like they did with Proposition 8 (so don't count them out, lefties).

In Southern California, the lead man on this has been Calvary Chapel Chino Hills pastor Jack Hibbs. His church is listed as the main gathering point for anyone seeking to sign the petition. He even recorded a segment for the initiative:

Should be fun!

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