[BREAKING:] Obama: All U.S. Troops Will Be Out of Iraq by End of Year

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher told the Laguna Niguel City Council last night that U.S. troops do not belong in Iraq. The Huntington Beach Republican must be ready to give Barack Obama a bear hug because the president just announced all U.S. military in Iraq will be home for the holidays.

In announcing the troop pullout without taking questions from White House reporters, Obama also claimed progress is being made in ending the U.S. engagement in Afghanistan.

Obama hadn't even walked away from the podium when critics from Rohrabacher's party lined up to pile on that it is foolhardy to leave Iraq because the mission accomplished under their former GOP standard bearer George W. Bush has yet to be accomplished under Barry of Kenya. Maybe they need to see him on an aircraft carrier near the Coronado bridge to believe it.

Despite Obama's pledge that U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan will soon transition from war to readiness training, a reporter's question shouted as the president walked away may portend a short stateside stay for those heading home:

"What about Iran?"


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