Better give this bicyclist the right of way ... or else!
Better give this bicyclist the right of way ... or else!
Courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Department

Breaker-Breaker, Looks Like We've Got Us a Coastal Orange County Weapons Convoy!

Hey, remember that big weapons find police officers in Newport Beach made after stopping a couple of Inland Empire parolees we told you about last week? Turns out they are not the only coastal cops who stumbled into a big weapons haul recently.

Where Were Inland Empire Felon Couple Going with 7 AK-47s and Ammo Stolen from Georgia?

Last Wednesday night, Nov. 19, Huntington Beach cops stopped a man on a bike near Beach Boulevard and Garfield Avenue due to several perceived vehicle code violations. During the stop, the fellow was searched and a loaded handgun, several loaded magazines and several knives were found on him.

But what about the bag he was carrying? Still more loaded magazines, a knife and collapsible baton were inside, according to police, who arrested the unidentified bicyclist on various weapons charges.

As I wondered in the Newps item linked to above, where on Earth was this fellow going? He seemed to be engaged in ready-to-engage mode, no? Allegedly, of course.

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we've got us a coastal Orange County weapons convoy!

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