Bootlicker Helps OC's Most Persecuted Minority Fight Racism

I'm not even going to try mimic Moxley's harlequin prose whenever he bothers with Orange County Register columnist Gordon Dillow, so here's the straight dope: Today, Bootlicker writes about Joe Labarrere of Brea, who visited Fresca's in the city and was offended that the mildest hot sauce was labeled "gringo." Labarrere was so perturbed that he actually lodged a complaint with the Orange County Human Relations Commission. The group—God bless their PC hearts—investigated the matter rather than telling Labarrere to go get a life. As a result, Fresca's in Brea no longer labels its mild salsa as "gringo."

"If we as a society are going to play the ethnic and racial sensitivity game as relentlessly as we do," Dillow harrumphs at the end of his column, "then everyone should get to play—white guys included."

The first problem here, of course, is that Labarrere (who is of French descent—important point to remember in the next sentence) is patronizing Fresca's, a chain only slightly less disgusting than Green Burrito. More importantly, "gringo" shouldn't offend Labarrere at all—now, if it was gabacho, he'd have more of a case.

But, as always, the onus of this idiotic episode falls on the Bootlicker. Oh, Dillow: will you ever not defend the gringo from...what, exactly? I understand you folks are majority-minority in the land of Nixon now, but still: WTF? Hey, gabachos: am I just a clueless Mexican, or is the gringo way of life really almost over?


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