Bloodsuckers Star in This Week's Orange County Interwebs Horror Show

This week's look at things said from or about Orange County on the Interwebs features maggots, leeches, intestinal worms, ornamental surgeons, greedy lenders, Cal State Fullerton Titans, San Francisco State Gators and Oakland Raiders.

Through the Worm Hole "Ex-infectious infection expert" Ronald Sherman is on to some unusual (or, at least, old-timey) research at UC Irvine to be presented at the International Conference on Biotherapy in Los Angeles. Sherman has been studying the use of maggots, leeches and intestinal worms as alternatives to pills that treat allergies, psoriasis and bowel infections. "There's always reluctance in any establishment to embrace change," explains Sherman, building up to the softest of soft sells I've ever heard. "But once medical practitioners and therapists actually try the therapy," says the good doctor, "they are our biggest supporters." They also aren't the ones with maggots munching away in their asses. (The Med Guru)

Bloodsuckers Star in This Week's Orange County Interwebs Horror Show
Illustration by Jay Brockman

Help for Hanging Ornaments Perhaps any damage left inside by maggots, leeches and intestinal worms can be corrected through "ornamental surgery." Whatever the hell that is, it's apparently best performed here. "Thе best οf ornamental surgery саn bе found іn Orange County. Wіth thе latest developments οf ornamental surgery, іt іѕ now hοnеѕtƖу simple tο become ɡοrɡеουѕ. Women whο ԁο nοt feel very much confidence аbουt thеіr bodies јυѕt need tο save a few dollars аnԁ ɡеt themselves a trusted ornamental surgeon. In a matter οf јυѕt a few hours, уου′ll bе аbƖе tο remove thаt unwanted ѕtουt, increase уουr breast size οr even mаkе a few changes οn уουr face." Sign me up, doc! (Health Fitness Plan)

Home is Where the Fraud Is This poster found it enlightening--and typical--that supposedly dead financial institutions have assets to transfer to still living groups, as witnessed in loan modification records from Irvine, Cypress, Santa Ana and elsewhere around the country. Now, before the mortgage industry collapse, I felt as if I was a steady consumer making a solid contribution to society. After the collapse, which caused my home value to plummet and pushed my mortgage underwater, I felt like the next best thing to a criminal, especially when listening to folks like John McCain demonize individual borrowers as deadbeats. I did not consider myself among the ones who also got dicked until reading this from the poster only identified as "L": "Ask the banking industry . . . to clarify the maze of criminal fraud in the land records, and the indignant reply will be, 'It's the borrowers. They aren't paying.' (Left unsaid is that the borrowers wised up to the fraudulently inflated appraisals and are demanding modifications to a realistic appraisal value based on true market value, not fraudulent commission based appraised value. No one is going to pay for a cubic zirconium that was fraudulently appraised at diamond value.)" (Zero Hedge)

The Old College Try Stephen can't decide whether to further his education at Cal State Fullerton or San Francisco State. The responses he receives are less entertaining than the student's internalizing of the issue: "Accepting admissions for SFSU is in 4 days and I don't know which to choose! Fullerton has the more selective background AND its website seems more dedicated to informing students about their PoliSci department and programs, but SFSU was also ranked '18th out of 20th undergraduate schools whose alumni go on to be admitted to the State Bar' or so stated by and I REALLY LOVE the city. I visited Fullerton Saturday and I just found the traffic repulsive, the campus boring, and the surrounding area . . . plain. Yet the buildings at the school looked freshly built, their Student Recreation Center looks awesome (not to mention they spent $40 mil on it), and it's super close to Disneyland. Drove to SFSU this past Wednesday and just getting into the area was visually breathtaking. Loved watching the clouds roll over the hills and through the trees. There's a golf course RIGHT NEXT TO THE SCHOOL!! I can play all day!! And walking around the school, whoa, what a workout, but I'm definitely up for the challenge. It's just that when I spoke to one of their advisors for political science, she essentially said 'I don't know,' 'you seem too young,' and 'well my classes aren't full' to a lot of my questions. I'm 26, woman! And you really suck for a permanent teacher there! So please if anyone has ANYTHING to say about either or both schools, let me know SOON!! Decision time is Monday!!" (Answers.Yahoo)

Silver and Black Attack A Raiders fan doing some work in Irvine wonders where the best place in town is to catch a Sunday game. One not-so-helpful reply: "Ugh, just get the hell out of Irvine. That's the best advice." (Raider Fans)


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