Ruiz: No more Misty for me :(
Ruiz: No more Misty for me :(

Billy Ruiz Wanted Girlfriend Misty For Himself But Let Sex Paranoia Wreck His Life

Orange County's Billy Jhonathan Ruiz was certain that his girlfriend Misty and his step-father Raul were having sex in November 2009.

So Ruiz enticed them to join him in the same vehicle for an ambush confrontation.

Intoxicated and armed with a handgun, Ruiz voiced his fears and from the back seat expressed his displeasure with their denials by firing a shot that hit the windshield and sprayed shattered glass in their faces.

Misty repeatedly assured him she loved him but that didn't quell his paranoia either.

According to court records, Ruiz ordered her to pull her pants and underwear down in the car so that he could inspect her vagina to determine if she'd had sex that afternoon with his step-father. He wasn't able to decide, ordered everyone home, kicked Misty in the face and threatened to kill the pair.

In May 2011, an Orange County jury convicted Ruiz of two counts of kidnapping, two second degree robberies, two assaults, one criminal threat and, given that he was already a convicted felon, illegal possession of a firearm.

Superior Court Judge Richard W. Stanford sentenced him to prison.

Ruiz appealed, claiming that the shooting had been an accidental discharge of the gun and that he can be guilty because he didn't intend to violate any criminal laws. His voluntary intoxication was to blame, he argued.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana rejected the complaint.

Upshot: The 26-year-old Ruiz will remain in Wasco State Prison to continue serving his sentence of 25 years and eight months.

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