Because You're Ugly: Urban Outfitters Furniture

Urban Outfitters doesn't hold down much credibility in the fashion world these days, but their homegoods and furniture line is a major favorite amongst interior decorators and designers alike.

And unlike their t-shirts, U.O.'s furniture is actually fairly priced—at least, when compared to IKEA. The sofa pictured here to the left is their Mid-Century Sofa in natural (also available in charcoal and red). The design was inspired by '60s Danish modern daybeds, you can remove the back cushions to convert it into a bed and the covers are removable.

It's priced at $480, but even the decent couches at IKEA cost upwards of $1000... and you'd have to worry about every one of your friends and family members under 45 owning the same damn sofa.

And if that's not enough to convince you, for a limited time, the Urban Outfitters website is offering free shipping on their sofas.

Be sure to also check out their totally awesome armchairs in black houndstooth and tweed!

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