Because You're Ugly: The Return of Hypercolor

Aw, holy crap. Some things just remain better as a memory—re-reading that childhood favorite that just doesn't seem so magical anymore; re-watching episodes of whatever cartoon or sitcom that doesn't exactly hold up. Snap bracelets. Layered push-down ankle socks. Fanny packs. Neon anything.

Thanks to hipster irony, all the bad fashion of the '80s is back and thanks to American Apparel, there's an easy way to purchase all of it.

Hypercolor was a line of thermochromic dyed clothing that changed color with heat that peaked in popularity in the late '80s—remember slapping your friends in the schoolyard to leave your handprints on their hot pink Tee?

American Apparel now offers unisex thermochromatic sheer jersey Tees in six colors (like vermillion! I've always wanted a vermillion-colored T-shirt!) for $34. I've yet to actually see any in real life, so maybe it's a good thing that people haven't caught on.

And just like the Hypercolor shirts of the '80s, these shirts can still be easily damaged. So if you actually want to buy one of these things (I recommend the vermillion) remember to wash your shirts in ice cold water only—or try not to wash them at all.

Unisex thermochromatic sheer jersey T-shirts available for purchase here at for $34, or visit their Huntington Beach location at 207 Main St., Huntington Beach, (714) 374-3902; or their Santa Ana location at 2654 Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 972-1001.


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