Because You're Ugly: The Clothes that Got Me (You) Laid

Taking a break from the usual format of a Because You're Ugly post, this week's offering is a mere link to a mere blog.

It's called The Clothes that Got me Laid, and it's pretty funny. Peruse the entries as you learn of sordid tales of what both men and women were wearing the night they got some—scroll an entry or two down to relish in the account of a woman, her (married) boss and some procured thigh-high black suede Louboutins.

If it sounds hilarious and superficial and arrogant, that's 'cause it totally is—but don't forget that everybody owns an item or two of clothing that possesses some strange, inexplicable ability to boost your mood, your confidence. I'm not talking about an especially low, cleavage-revealing top, but a moldy Yankees cap, a paper-thin pair of Levi's or a seven-year-old dress rescued from the Dillard's clearance rack that has some enigmatic talismanic vibe to it. Clothes that let you look and somehow act how you want to be—a high-powered sophisticate about town, not a frumpy college kid that's been turned down by your last three crushes.

Most notably, the entries feature everything from a Smashing Pumpkins "ZERO" Tee and Via Spiga ankle boots to pink striped kneesocks (that were, er, asked to be kept on).

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