Because You're Ugly: Still Uggs

Just when you thought it was over—or that it couldn't get any worse—Ugg releases its new line for Fall/Winter 2008.

So other than the traditional sheepskin we're all too familiar with in the short, medium and tall lengths (ranging from $130-$200), you've got a few more options to cringe at now: There's the "Classic Cardy Boot," a $140 knit boot with a three-button closure and suede heel cap. There's what I just might deem the most appalling of the range, the $230 "Whitley Lace Up Boot," a suede lace-up with a seam and peek-a-boo shearling lining. And don't forget the $200 "Gissella Wedge Bootie" where "cozy meets chic" with a wedge heel, buckles, studs and zipper closures, but it kind of just ends up looking like a high-heeled clog. Oh, and then there's this for $144.

Uggs, those shearling-lined sheepskin boots from Australia and New Zealand, were originally called ug or ugh boots—short for, well, ugly. And there, Uggs are commonly associated with “bogans,” a derogatory Australian and New Zealand slang term for those belonging to a poorly educated, unrefined lower class—basically the trailer trash of Down Under. Let's take a hint and move on.


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