Because You're Ugly: Parkas

It hasn't really been all that hot this summer (so far, at least), but you can bet that I'm already looking forward to the cooler months when I can wear my ankle boots, wool coats, tights and long scarves again. And fall collections are just beginning to trickle into shops, so why not get a head start?

Oversized utility jackets speak to the perpetual androgyny/naval trend and they're all over the place for this coming autumn. I'd suggest pairing them with a particularly femme blouse (think frills, puckering or neck-ties) or shirt dress with tights or jeans and a pair of basic boots.

Seaton offers a light gray hooded twill jacket with a drawstring waist and bottom hem for $226 here at ShopBop(pictured left)—but I'd suggest saving some cash and opting for the $88 cotton BDG funnel jacket at Urban Outfitters instead. TopShop also offers a more affordable wool parka for £65—just watch out for that exchange rate and overseas S&H.


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