Because Youre Ugly: Hermès Kelly

There's probably one handbag and one brand that has made a legend of itself. The Hermès Birkin was named after British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin (after she complained about her impossible search for the perfect weekend tote), but it's come to be known as the ultimate status symbol of wealth and luxury in pop culture today. Which makes sense, seeing that the bags go for anywhere from $7500 to six-digit price tags.

On an episode of The Gilmore Girls (not that I watch it or anything), Rory Gilmore was given a pink Birkin by her boyfriend—only, she didn't realize the significance of it at the time, while the rest of us hopefully did. A conversation between Rory and her grandmother:

Rory: Logan's very nice, he bought me this terrific gift just completely out of the blue. Emily: Is that so? Rory: Totally unexpected. It's called a Birkin bag. Emily: A Birkin bag? Oh my God. A Birkin bag? Rory: You've heard of it? Emily: Of course! That's a very nice purse. Rory: Oh, maybe I shouldn't use it. Emily: Oh no, a Birkin bag is meant to be used. And seen. Rory: I had no idea. Emily: Well, well, well, a Birkin bag. A Birkin bag, a Birkin bag for Rory. Rory: Grandma.. Emily: I'm just saying. I mean Richard never bought me a Birkin bag. Oh, this is exciting! Rory: I guess it is! Emily: A Birkin bag! I'm gonna remember this day.

The older, more petite version of the Birkin is the Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly. Kelly, the then new Princess of Monaco, was photographed carrying the leather Sac à dépêches and madness ensued—Hermès then renamed the bag accordingly.

Though much smaller in size and not quite as discussed (but close), the Kelly bag isn't so affordable, either. There's a ridiculous long standing debate between the Kelly and the Birkin, but to be honest, I'd much rather take a Kelly myself. Or, rather, I'd take the Kelly, resell it, then pay off my student loans.

Anyway, Hermès has jumped onto the paper craftin' bandwagon, a recent phenom of print-out DIY printable crafts, with their own cut-and-paste Kelly available for free on their website. Sure it's not the same, but how else are you supposed to ever get your hands on a Kelly?


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