Because You're Ugly: Etsy Local Crafters--Atomic Dog

For the young or just young-at-heart on your holiday gift list, Irvine-based Etsy shop Atomic Dog (go ahead, sing the rest) has the perfect fun and inexpensive gifts or stocking stuffers in the shape of Smurfs, donuts, ice cream cones, artist palettes, roller skates, cupcakes and yes, in case you were wondering, ballerina hippos. 

Nothing in the shop is over $11, but each and every single item is uniquely crafted. There are pendants, earrings, rings and even a Hostess cupcake-shaped box ($4) to wrap them all in. Favorites include the painter's palette earrings ($8.50) and necklace ($8.50), chocolate donut necklace with adorable rhinestone sprinkle detail ($8.50), Smurfette earrings ($8) and well, everything else in the shop. 

Buy local and handmade this Christmas! Visit Atomic Dawwww-awwwg's Etsy shop here


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