Barbara Coe Compares Routine Military Exercise in Downtown LA to Hitler Rounding Up the Jews for the Holocaust

That crazy Barbara Coe is at it again! The aging cigarette that is the head of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform has been a bit quiet on her email blasts as of recent, preferring to send out stories that claim pedophilia is an acceptable part of Afghan culture with no comment. But this seemingly innocuous story--the military is holding training exercises in downtown Los Angeles with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department through Thursday--sent Babs into a phlegm-inducing panic about concentration camps, Obama, and--of course!--Nazis and the Jews.

"'Only a drill'??" she railed to her minions this morning. "Is this what the Jews were told before Hitler rounded them up? Is this OBAMA's 'citizen military' he promised? Is this practice prior to his declaring Martial Law and rounding up American citizen Patriots who oppose his dictatorship?"

Here's a thought: maybe if Babs got off her listserv for once and rallied her troops, she and her cause would've actually gotten that anti-DREAM Act proposition on this year's ballot. As it stands, she instead insults our military by suggesting they're storm troopers in training--pathetic!


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