Barack Obama Goes Rogue, Ventures into Corona del Mar to Scoop Up Campaign Cash

Barack Obama will tread where Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have already been this presidential election season: Corona del Mar.

You read that right: this month our Democratic Prez Dog is venturing deep into Newport Beach, which for decades and decades has served as an ATM machine for Republican office seekers, many of whom have located their district offices there to cut the drive time.

Actually, Obama came to Newport Beach to raise funds during his 2008 run for the White House, raising $1 million in the GOP's very own playhouse, the Balboa Bay Club.

See, though there are tons of Republicans in Nouveau Riche (and more moving in all the time thanks to the adjacent Newport Coast development), many outnumbered Democrats are still very rich, very involved and very willing to open their homes for political fundraisers.

Count Jeff and Nancy Stack among them. Having already given the legal limit of $10,000 to the Chosen One, they are hosting the Feb. 16 benefit for the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in their sprawling, ocean-view home. He's managing director of the Sares-Regis Group development company in Irvine. She heads the nonprofit Cystinosis Research Foundation.

Admission to the event runs from $2,500 on up to $35,800 if you want to greet Obama. Anything under $5,000 goes to the campaign, anything over that pours into the DNC.


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