Bad Religion
Bob Aul

Bad Religion

I was at the store getting rung up. You asked how my family was. I had been at my grandmother's funeral the day before, and you were the first person I told. You offered your condolences, and then asked what religion she was. I told you she was Catholic. You then proceeded to drag me, unwilling, into a religious debate, acting smug that your faith and your "way" is the only "way." It is people like you that create a bad association with religion. So I hope you didn't mind when I used rational thought to verbally punch holes in your faith and point out your hypocrisy. I had to do this in order to get you to stop telling me my deceased grandma died with the "wrong" faith. I leave you with this parting thought: My grandmother taught me respect. Respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, finding God, a higher being or none at all in their own way.

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