Are Hash Oil Fires The New Meth-Lab-Explosion Scourge?
Jay Brockman

Are Hash Oil Fires The New Meth-Lab-Explosion Scourge?

Remember the good old days when exploding trailers, warehouses and apartment units could mean only one thing: meth lab mishap?

Well those days are gone like Breaking Bad, son. Now, according to reports currently making their way around the internets, your typical residential explosion is caused by none other than the latest trend in consuming cannabis: hash oil.

Although Californians have been smoking hash oil ever since the early 1970s, when the Brotherhood of Eternal Love figured out how to smuggle the stuff in the lining of their clothes on return trips from Afghanistan, the new craze of smoking vaporized dabs processed with butane has proved to be particularly dangerous.

"Hash oil isn't necessarily something new, but this process appears to be a relatively new way to do it," Lt. Paul Garaven, a Tustin Police Department spokesperson, told ABC News in an article published online yesterday.

Garaven also told ABC that two men "suffered severe burns in July after they attempted to make hash oil in their Tustin garage. The powerful blast blew off the garage door and pushed out walls."

According to ABC, there have been a series of similar explosions in Northern California in recent months, and that the blasts have frequently been confused for meth lab accidents. Officials say the explosions caused by the process can sometimes be misidentified as a pipe bombs or meth labs. Meanwhile, Tustin PD's Garaven added, although unlike meth, medical marijuana is legal in California, but it remains illegal to manufacture hash oil, meaning that the two unfortunate Tustin men injured in the July incident face criminal prosecution.

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