Arash Durrani, Actor Who Goes by "Ash," Makes "Ass" of Self on OC-Bound Flight: Passengers

Arash Durrani, Actor Who Goes by "Ash," Makes "Ass" of Self on OC-Bound Flight: Passengers

An 26-year-old actor-model who goes by "Ash" is due in federal court today for allegedly making an "Ass" of himself on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to John Wayne Airport.

Arash Durrani is accused of pacing up and down the aisles for about the first 45 minutes of United Flight 473 on Tuesday, grabbing women, scaring children and harassing all ages along the way.

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"He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up and said, 'I want to kiss you,'" says passenger Nona Pitts in an Associated Press report.

Pitts just said on KTLA/Channel 5's TV newscast that Durrani was "drunk" and demanding more alcohol from the crew.

It eventually got so bad that passengers reportedly tackled Durrani and restrained what one male passenger called "an incredibly strong man" for the remaining three hours of the flight. A doctor on board is said to have shot Durrani up with Valium to sedate him, but whenever the actor would come out of it he would apparently have to be held down again.

He is now facing federal charges of interfering with a flight crew.

Durrani stars in a martial arts movie titled Duel of Legends that is currently in post-production, according to The director is Héctor Echavarría, an Argentinian MMA fighter-turned-actor-turned-director. Duel of Legends, which is Echavarría's fifth film as a director, has at lest one Orange County connection. Co-starring is Irvine's Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the former UFC champ who played B.A. Baracus in The A-Team movie two years ago.

Durrani's IMDB bio below--written by Charles Scrampton--claims the Alexandria, Virginia-born actor formerly played football, interned with the U.S. Court of Appeals, made a killing "co-branding products" via Internet shorts, created "trend-setting clothing company" GROW and served as "the premiere" event host in the South Bay and Hollywood.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Ash Durrani attended the reputable Congressional Schools of Virginia before transferring to Hayfield High School to pursue his lifelong passion of playing football competitively. Through hard work and determination, Durrani advanced to interning for the United States Court of Appeals. By year two, California came calling. As a student attending college, Durrani created a production company with specialization in the creation of Internet shorts co-branding products with trend setting, lifestyle elements. In 2010 the company sold for quadruple its initial investment. Inspired by each one of his past ventures, Durrani's latest and current creation is a trend setting clothing company geared towards promoting awareness of social movements and charities, GROW Clothing. GROUNDE ROOTS OVER WEALTH encompasses everything Durrani stands for. Firmly grounding his stamp as the premier event host of the Los Angeles areas South Bay & Hollywood community he has now moved on to his passion of acting.

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