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Antonia Rivera, Local DREAM Act Student Arrested by Feds but Released, To Appear on Gustavo's KPFK Show Today

My, the Orange County Register readers are sure pissed off that authorities in Washington didn't immediately deport Antonia Rivera, an undocumented college student from Orange County and UC Irvine graduate who was arrested as part of a sit-in at Capitol Hill earlier this week. Even dirty ol' Congressman Gary Miller weighed in, whining "How can you have a protest right in a U.S. senator's office, admit you are here illegally in violation of the law and we pat you on the back and do nothing?"

Let's get him even more pissed, shall we? I will fete the brave young woman as a hero today at 3 p.m. on my KPFK-FM 90.7 radio program.

Rivera is a member of the

Orange County Dream Team

, and a fellow Colonist: she graduated from Anaheim High School--was a band geek even. An American just like everyone else, yet the Know Nothings will rail that ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL and this is a nation of laws. Well, if you want to yell,


, call in! 818-985-5735, 818-985-KPFK. Talk to you around 3:40!


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