Another Medical Malpractice Suit Filed Against Jerry Steven Garcia, Anaheim Doctor with Bad Habit of Delivering Dead Babies

Early this year, I wrote about the travails of one Jerry Steven Garcia, an Anaheim-based obstetrician with a nasty habit of delivering dead babies. The story profiled a couple who allege Garcia was an asshole to them after delivering their dead son, and also documented a litany of medical malpractice suits, California Medical Board disciplinary actions, and many other scandals Garcia has left in his wake.

Another one was filed earlier this month.

Don't have the case file on me (and will update this post when I do), but listed as a co-defendant is Garden Grove Medical Center, where the following happened per my story:

That morning, Veronica Alfano was admitted to Garden Grove Hospital to give birth to her first child. Garcia performed a cesarean section on her and delivered a healthy girl around 6 p.m. He left for home after the surgery; Alfano, however, took a turn for the worse.

At 9:50 that night, a nurse called Garcia to inform him that Alfano's blood pressure was dropping; she asked him to return to the hospital. Instead, Garcia dictated orders via phone, even after Alfano was rushed into the emergency room. Eventually, Garcia stopped responding to his staff's many pages and phone calls. He didn't show up until 2 in the morning--six minutes after Alfano died.


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