Anonymous Man Sex Story Has an OC Twist

Dave Wielenga wrote years ago about a police sting targeting man-on-man sex in the restroom at Estancia Adobe Park in Costa Mesa. Something similar just went down in the Los Angeles Harbor area and--wouldn't you know it?--one arrestee may very know the Orange County locale. After all, he was wearing a red Angels cap.

Here's how Larry Altman begins his Daily Breeze story today:

The man in the red Angels cap stood in the parking lot of the Harbor City park wearing headphones, looking like he was ready for an afternoon of exercise.

But an hour later, the Rancho Palos Verdes resident found himself in handcuffs, arrested in a police crackdown to stop lewd activity in Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.

"He was looking like a regular walker, jogger," Los Angeles police Officer Jeannine Bedard said. "He was looking for some action."

The secluded, wooded areas along nature trails at the 230-acre park have served as a meeting spot for men hoping to engage in anonymous sexual encounters with other men for decades, according to Altman's report, which recalls things got so bad in 1987 that the Los Angeles Unified School District canceled all field trips to the park because teachers and their classes had come upon naked men having sex.

Isn't that same district, like every other district in the state, hurting for money? Sounds like an opportunity for free sex-education lessons--with a Gay-Straight Student Alliance twist to it.

Actually, it also sounds like an Orange County beach cleanup. Writes Altman:

Men also have left behind used condoms, condom wrappers, torn underwear, socks and other clothing. Police have even found mattresses on the ground.

One more local tie-in: the parking lot used by the men who cruise the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park trails is off Anaheim Street.


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