Angels Owner Arte Moreno Finally an Tucson!

2013 marks a decade since billionaire Arte Moreno bought the Anaheim Angels, and I think we can all say he's been good for the franchise, even if your Halos have yet to win a World Series under his reign. But one group that's never been happy with him is Aztlanistas, who from the beginning have demanded Moreno be political and shit, while Moreno has steadfastly refused.

Let's see them smoke this mota: Moreno has finally come out as an his hometown of Tucson?!

Moreno is scheduled to appear April 24 at his alma mater, the University of Arizona, along with a bunch of other Spanish-language newspaper pioneers. See, the university just unveiled its Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press Collection, a fabulous online archive of old Mexican and Chicano newspapers--mostly in Arizona, but with a couple of other selections from across the Southwest. Moreno's family long published El Tucsonense, one of the longest-running periódicos, and one hell of a radical rag.

That the Republican Moreno came from such an advocate family will no doubt irk local Aztlanistas, but it's all part of the assimilation of Mexicans--and Orange County is Ground Zero for vendidos. Nevertheless, kudos to Moreno for helping out on such a prestigious project, for remaining proud of his family's legacy. Now, maybe he can throw a couple mil our way, given we're fellow Mexi print papis, you know...

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