Andy Dick Gets Retar- ... er ... It Started as Crowd Exits Fullerton Autism Benefit

Andy Dick Gets Retar- ... er ... It Started as Crowd Exits Fullerton Autism BenefitEXPAND

“That’s why I’m in Fullerton for retards.”

-Andy Dick, before many in the audience groaned at and/or walked out of his performance Wednesday at the annual Fullerton Cares Comedy for Autism benefit at the Fox Theatre.

The comedian, who is known for headline-grabbing arrests and incidents—including one where he exposed himself and pissed on stuff at a 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival party—was seen sobbing in the Fox's green room after his set.

“It is a word I shouldn’t use,” he says in a statement issued through Fullerton Cares. “I shouldn’t use that word. There are a lot of taboo words out there. I was just joking. Kevin [a friend attending his recorded statement] is not mentally handicapped … he’s not. He has autism. I have slight autism. So, I apologize if I offended anyone out there. Autism in my eyes touches everybody. I think we all know somebody or we are ourselves in some ways autistic … and that’s it. I didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

Fullerton Cares and its founder issued separate statements accepting Dick’s apology and apologizing themselves to anyone offended by the routine.

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