And they say Mexicans can't assimilate...

Spotted for sale last night in one of those SanTana produce trucks the city's pocho City Council so hates was a Kellogg's Corn Flakes box with pictures of salsa legend Celia Cruz and Chicano labor icon Cesar Chavez. We figured it was pirateria, something as authentic as sidewalk CDs or swap meet Bart Simpson T-shirts, until we stumble across this website. Where the hell were we in September that we just found out about this? Stanton? What's even better is that the produce truck selling the Chavez Corn Flakes boxes priced them at $6--almost three times the amount they originally retailed. There's nothing more reassuring than to see the latest wave of immigrants engage in good ol' American price-gouging. In other news, Uncle Ben's Rice announced Martin Luther King will adorn its boxes come January.


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