George Parros
George Parros
Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks Enforcer George Parros Has It All: Brains, Brawn and a Ripping Mustache


Despite injuries, a horrible pre-season and dire predictions from NHL experts to the likes of

"Anaheim Sucks"


yesterday's post

("Ducks outscored 13-2, outshot 100+ to 35. From Niedermayer/Pronger to Mara/Brookbank? LOL. On pace for 0-82 this season. If you turn the

OC Register

upside down the Ducks would be in 1st. KINGS, baby, bow down to us.")—yes, despite all this, the Ducks won their home opener against Vancouver at the Honda Center last night, 4-3.

And, the good news keeps coming as the Ducks' 6-foot-5, 250-pound right wing George Parros was recently named the fourth smartest athlete by The Sporting News.

The morning before fans would learn their Canucks lost to the Quackers, "Gross Misconduct" columnist Ian Walker had fun in the Vancouver Sun with Parros, the enforcer's brainy distinction and the ripping mustache he rocks.

Here's what we learn:

  • Parros' dad was a Toys "R" Us executive and his best Christmas gift was a Castle Grayskull of He-Man fame.
Don't hate him because he's beautiful . . . and smart.
Don't hate him because he's beautiful . . . and smart.

  • He can name six of the other seven guys who played at Princeton before jumping to the NHL.

  • Given the choice of himself, Dirk Graham, Harold Snepsts, Rogie Vachon or Lanny McDonald, "I'd have to say Lanny" had the best mustache on the ice because, "Not everyone can rock a red moustache." But Parros won't go so far as to characterize McDonald as a "ginger."

  • The most famous person on his cellphone is Jeremy Roenick (which surprises Walker, who figured it would be Snoop Dogg).

  • "Desperate Housewives reality shows" piss off Parros, who adds, "Now Jersey Shore, there's a good show."

  • He was "surprised" and "pleased" to be named the fourth smartest athlete, which also sums up how he felt getting an "A" on his college thesis on the West Coast Longshoreman's labor dispute.

More good clean brainy brawny fun:


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