American Third Position Party Laughably Tries to Enter San Diego

American Third Position Party Laughably Tries to Enter San Diego

If there is one area of Southern California more prone to white supremacism than OC, it's San Diego, better know as Klan Diego. It's from our dumber neighbors to the south that legendary white supremacist Pete Wilson--err, Tom Metzger--created White Aryan Resistance, where the San Diego Minutemen operate without shame. And you know that clip in the beginning of True Blood with the adorable baby Klan member to the right? The Journal of San Diego History reprinted that picture in its story on the Klan!

Okay, that last part is a bit of a stretch, but I say it as a logical chain for the purpose of this post: our own baby Klan, the American Third Position Party--that attempted mainstreaming of white supremacy by convicted criminals, wimpy professors and terrorist sympathizers--is trying to enter San Diego. And, like their reception in their home base, the American TP is laughably failing.

San Diego CityBeat checked in on them this week

, and reporter Dave Maass dug up some interesting tidbits that didn't involve me rambling. For instance, a much-heralded-by-themselves donation to a group set up to support Arizona's reprehensible SB1070? 100 measly bucks. And the insistence by the leader of San Diego American TP's chapter that they merely want to take pride in their "white" heritage. "

He has discussed [on the neo-Nazi Internet discussion group Stormfront] which automatic weapons would be most useful in the event of a Mexican invasion," Maass writes. "He also advised another user to seek a lawyer's help to get around prohibitions against felons owning firearms." Funny!

Kudos to Maass for also scoring an interview with Long Beach St. professor Kevin Macdonald, the American TP's intellectual racist who has refused multiple interview requests with the Weekly, probably on account that everyone in our news room is involved with race mixing of one type or another...


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