American Civil Liberties Union Caravan Blasting Immigration Laws Coming to Santa Ana

American Civil Liberties Union Caravan Blasting Immigration Laws Coming to Santa Ana

The American Civil Liberties Union caravan stopping in Santa Ana at high noon Monday to draw attention to the damage done by immigration laws like Arizona's is sure to include a hippie van with stickers all over it. Only some messages will be in Spanglish, and Jerry Garcia's Dead head will be replaced by Joe Arpaio's. Find out at Centro Cultural, 313 N. Birch St., where the cross-country Estamos Unidos campaign caravan is expected two days before the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, appealing a lower court decision blocking much of SB 1070.

The caravan will have left San Francisco Sunday and arrive in Orange County after spending the morning at East Los Angeles College. It's expected to end in South Carolina on May 1.

On hand are people who have collected and shared stories about the harm done by policies that require public officials to report suspected undocumented immigrants and allow cops to stop motorists at random due to their perceived immigration status. Legal eagles from the ACLU will also dispense information about the constitutional rights that extend to citizens and non-citizens alike.

Check out more about the campaign at There or along the caravan route, people will be asked to sign a petition urging President Obama to reform federal immigration policy and to continue his opposition to SB 1070 copycat laws.

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