All Hail the New Fullerton Council Majority, Vanguard of Orange County's First Libertarian-Run City!

If you ask me for my political affiliation, my Facebook page says I'm a Marxist of the Groucho variety. If you press me, I'll admit to being Left left-libertarian, whatever the fuck that means. In my book, that's a distrust of all government entities, a love of open borders, a belief in no drug laws, a hatred of most regulations and taxes--but all of this coming from a leftist perspective, as I don't subscribe to the cult of money or Ayn Rand.

More than anything, I love hell-raisers who trash the political establishment. That's why I've been a longtime supporter and fan of Tony Bushala, the Fullerton millionaire who runs the awesome blog Friends for Fullerton's Future blog and now finds himself the architect of a successful recall against three idiot councilmembers that has created a situation where Fullerton just might be the largest city in the United States run by libertarians.

There really is no other political label to affix on the new council majority of recently elected Travis Kiger and Greg Sebourn, and incumbent Bruce Whitaker, even if Kiger is the only one who openly calls himself a libertarian. All come from the Bushala school, which is libertarian and despises the Orange County GOP machine. All preach the limited-government gospel, but don't take the Republican route of giving tongue-baths to law enforcement. Sebourn's blog lists him as a member of the Republican Party--but the local party establishment didn't want the recall to happen, so looks like Scott Baugh has some buttering up to do, buttering up that Bushala and Co. will openly deride.

So there you have it, libertarians: a city to call yours, the first-ever in supposedly freedom-loving Orange County. And congrats, FFFF, on the recall--you're now only the second city I remember (after Placentia last decade) where a true citizen's revolt happened (Bushala haters: he might be a millionaire, but his blog was blasting corruption in the town long before it became popular, and while most of y'all were silent). The county's microscope is now upon ustedes to get rid of police corruption and any lingering Klan remnants that go back decades in the city, and create a liberty-loving town for all. Leave the historic Lemon Street Chicano murals and library alone, eliminate all waste and good-ol' boys ties, don't sell out to Baugh, and you're good in our books. But fuck up, and you know we'll go after ustedes with machetes at Stubrick's. Boy, is this going to be fun!

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