Alberto Flores Ramirez, Raw Egg "Spiritual Cleanser," Faces Second Woman's Rape Claims

Remember Alberto Flores Ramirez, the "spiritual cleanser" alleged last month to have rubbed raw eggs over a nearly nude woman at a Santa Ana motel to release "negative vibes" before fondling, strangling, threatening, raping and orally copulating her?

Media coverage from that incident prompted a second woman to come forward with accusations Ramirez pulled the same act on her, the Orange County District Attorney's office announced today.

Ramirez, 37, of San Clemente, was previously charged with one felony count each of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by foreign object by force. Now added to those are additional forcible rape and forcible oral copulation counts as well as attempted forcible oral copulation and a sentencing enhancement for sex crimes against multiple victims. Conviction on all counts could put Ramirez away for 75 years to life.

As previously reported . . .

. . . Ramirez met a 33-year-old woman through an online dating website and arranged a face-to-face April 3 at a Santa Ana McDonald's, where he allegedly promised he could help her bringing her children to California from Mexico through his egg wash. After the alleged sexual assaults, he is said to have dropped her off at her car, and she called Santa Ana Police who investigated and arrested Ramirez.

Seeing media coverage of that case led a 49-year-old Las Vegas woman to come forward with another allegation of a Ramirez sexual assault in February that was equally bizarre. According to prosecutors, he met the woman on Facebook before exchanging texts and emails, and at one point he is accused of telling her his spiritual cleansing would improve her love life.

The woman and a friend rode a bus to Orange County to meet in person with Ramirez, who asked them to bring eggs and ammonia for the cleansing. They went to the same Santa Ana motel where, as the friend waited outside a room, the 49-year-old was instructed to strip, which she did down to her bra and panties.

Here's where it gets weird: Ramirez allegedly had her lay on the bed as he poured ammonia on her head. The fumes made her dizzy and disoriented, at which point Ramirez is accused of removing his clothes and trying to force the woman to blow him. He then orally copulated and raped her, according to the OCDA.

She was able to leave with her friend but did not report the incident until the other alleged victim came forward. Because there are now multiple victims, the OCDA will ask at Ramirez's arraignment in Santa Ana on the new counts today that his bail be increased from $100,000 to $1 million.

And, he's not out of the woods, as investigators are seeking other possible victims. Anyone with information is asked to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lou Gutierrez at 714.347.8794 or Santa Ana Police Det. Rick Perez at 714.245.8379.

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