Alberto Callaspo, Angels Third Baseman, Cleared in Paternity Case

The Angels may have huge holes to fill, a wet-behind-the-ears GM and a nagging lack of bat, but at least they don't have to give up another complimentary home game seat to Ian Alberto Callaspo Santana.

You'll recognize two of those names as also belonging to the Halos' most-recent starting third baseman, Albert Callaspo, who before a recent Orange County Superior Court hearing was the presumed father of 4-year-old Ian.

The boy's mother, Mariangely Santana Perez of Miami, had claimed Callaspo was Ian's father in a paternity suit Orange County Child Services filed that sought $11,498 a month from the ballplayer.

But in ruling for Callaspo on Nov. 3, Court Commissioner Barry S. Michelson cited genetic testing conducted by Laboratory Corporation of America, the Orange County Register reports today.

It's unclear who let out a bigger sigh of relief: Callaspo or Marianny Paolo Choury, his wife and mother of their 5-year-old son.

Too bad for Perez that Vlad Guerrero was not still around Anaheim. As prolific at hitting balls out of the strike zone as he was fathering children with different women, Vlady probably wouldn't even have bothered challenging the suit.

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