Activists Emerge From Their Foxholes

An Aaron Haley just emailed us the following:

Hello, I am hoping someone from the OC Weekly would cover our local 9/11 truth event in Huntington Beach. It will be an outdoor screening of 9/11 films including discussion. This is a very local event, the first of it's kind in Huntington Beach. It will be the first of many to come, where OC residents can gather and discuss the many anamolies of the 9/11. I believe it would make a very interesting story in the next OC Weekly edition as there are several angles upon which to cover the story from. It is also on the "eve" of the big 2 day 9/11 conference up in Los Angeles. Perhaps OC Weekly is covering that as well? Please contact me regarding more details of our event. But in short:

9/11 Summer Nights: Huntington Beach, CA an evening of 9/11 films and discussion

When? This Friday, June 23rd from 8pm to 10pm

Where? 1208 Huntington St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (in the outdoor quad area of the residence)

What? Outdoor projected screenings of 9/11 films

Who? Everyone. The curious and the consumed.

Contact: Aaron Haley 714-553-1030 phone

Thanks, Aaron. We'll list that in our Special Screenings column this week and try to cover one of these in the future.

In other cinematic activism, two local screenings are coming up of Robert Greenwald's The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress (whose producer Jim Gilliam we just profiled). Both are on National Clean Money Day, which is Tuesday, June 27. Here's one of 'em from Ron Rodarte.

The Monarch Beach-Dana Point area will be hosting a premiere viewing of the new DVD entitled The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress on National Clean Money Day, June 27th, at the Monarch Hills HOA Clubhouse in Dana Point. A map and RSVP page are available at the website. Clean Money will limit the amount of corporate financing that is virtually obligatory for any candidate to successfully compete for office and that effectively makes a mockery of the democratic voting process. This is an important venue for becoming informed of the legislative alternative to the corruption of the elected government by corporate financing of candidates. The DVD premiere will show the depths of elected government corruption and offer a solution to it, as well as offer answers to questions one may have about the Clean Money Campaign. The host of the event would be grateful for an RSVP via email for attendees, and a link is provided here. Please access the page and then access the link to the RSVP by Zip Code and indicate how many in your carpool will attend. Please share a ride and save a future for our planet, there will be refreshments and snacks at the event.

The second screening is in Long Beach. Belmont Heights Progressives are your hosts:

WHAT: Long Beach, California screening of The Big Buy WHEN: Tuesday, June 27 2006 07:30 PM TICKET PRICE: FREE, RSVP required below Come see how greed and corruption has sold out our democracy on the cheap! Then find out how we can win our democracy back with Clean Money! Light refreshments will be served. HOSTED BY: Clean Money Day, Public Campaign, Belmont Heights Progressives. WHERE: Home Top of Termino 3955 East Third Street Long Beach, California 90814 DIRECTIONS: Between Ximeno and Redondo 3rd Floor walkup, no handicap access :( CONTACT: Joe Weissmiller for more details.

Check for other local screenings by following the links at Brave New Films or more directly via Brave New Theaters, which is where you can also get hooked up to host your own screenings of The Big Buy, other Greenwald films and, coming in September, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.


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