A Tale of Two City Desks: Covering Occupy Campers vs. Black Friday Campers

A Tale of Two City Desks: Covering Occupy Campers vs. Black Friday Campers

My colleague Vickie Chang just posted an item with a photo that reminded me of something I'd meant to mention here earlier.

Has anyone else caught the irony in recent TV news reports on Occupy campers vs. Twilight or Black Friday campers?

The image we've been fed of Occupiers is they are hacky sacking slackers compelled by Marxist theory and a hash-numbed understanding of modern day capitalism to block real people (i.e., those with jobs) from getting to their banks, offices and other places of employment.

Irvine Spectrum Twihards
Irvine Spectrum Twihards
Photo by Meranda Carter/OC Weekly

When it comes to the Twilight crowd, I think 99 percenters and 1 percenters can agree them is some freaks. But those precious souls in front of retail stores are in the view of corporate media America's patriots, spending their way out of depression (and into more debt) by acquiring products made from the world's finest sweat shops.

See, if you are pissed about Wall Street being bailed out by taxpayers without returning the favor, you are scum worthy of Fox mocking. The reason you have no money, no job and no opportunities is not the fault of the fat cats, it's the fault of the government regulations preventing corporations from doubling, tripling or fourpeling their already record-setting profits. Because no zipper will even be touched to begin the trickle down process until Big Gubment's gone like Donkey Kong. Besides Big Gubment gave fat cats the bailout checks; no one would blame you for cashing a government check, unless you're poor, of course.

Damn, I believe I just channeled Commie Girl.

Occupying Santa Ana
Occupying Santa Ana
Photo by Kevin Liu/OC Weekly

If you are camping because you want to enrich corporate America by buying their latest crap, you are heroic in blocking real people from getting to their jobs or unreal people from getting to their drum circles. Don't worry about being mocked (except by some of us viewing from home) or baton beaten or having the Santa Ana City Council deem your constitutional right to assemble as illegal as it would be were you an Occupier on public land.

Come to think of it, there really isn't any irony here. Scratch what I wrote above.

The one thing the Occupy and Black Friday campers do have in common is reporters have no clue what they want until they bother to ask them, not that they'd ever understand all the answers anyway.

Back to you in the studio . . .

Oh, this just in: Martin Luther King Jr., possibly by some CGI shit or something, addresses the 99 Percent Movement:


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