A Predictable End

Another law and order triumph for Sheriff Mike Carona. OK, maybe that law doesn't belong there-- there's going to be a lawsuit contending that what Carona did wasn't legal (which in turn calls the triumph part into question)-- but Carona is definitely enforcing order in the sheriff's department. Carona has clearly demonstrated that anyone challenging his leadership in an election is going to pay a big price for such independence. After all, what do people think this is? A democracy or something?

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Orange County sheriff's Lt. Bill Hunt, who unsuccessfully challenged his boss in this year's election, said Wednesday that he has resigned after being told that he would be demoted to patrolman because of his criticism of Sheriff Michael S. Carona during the campaign.

If you're not acquainted with the Hunt's punishment for behaving as though the position of Orange County Sheriff was an elective office, instead of the property of Michael S. Carona, you can find the details here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Hunt, who is going to set up shop as a private investigator in Santa Ana, plans to sue Carona, so undoubtedly more here's will appear in the future.


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