5 Things Erica Lynne, Bad Girls Clubber of Miami via Yorba Linda, Taught Me

5 Things Erica Lynne, Bad Girls Clubber of Miami via Yorba Linda, Taught Me

From TMZ, I have learned that self-described "trash-talking cheerleader" Erica Lynne is covering up her ex-boyfriend's initials from a tattoo on her arm. The 22-year-old thought she'd be with the male stripper she made a sex tape with forever but, alas, that ain't happening. If two crazy kids like that can't make it, what chance is there for the rest of us?

Fortunately, from a magazine presenting "hip-hop on a higher level," I have learned five more fascinating things from The Bad Girls Club season 5 cast member, who went by Erica Eggum when she called Yorba Linda home.

Her favorite city is a county: "I call Orange County aka the O.C. my city."

She share, I mean, she would share more than gum with one season 5 cast member: "A girl I'd hook up with from the Bad Girls Club is my boo Tiffany because she got swag, she sexy, motivated and she's my bitch." Yes, she be . . .

She has eyes on her face AND backside: "My face and eyes drives all men crazy because there's nothin' like a pair of green eyes staring at you from a pretty face and a fat ass."

Farts aren't the only noise that emits from her rump: "Real cheeks clap better by the way."

She knows the way to a man's, uh, heart: "My sexual fantasy is cooking dinner in red lipstick and some sexy ass stilettos for my man, and him coming home from work and fucking me while dinner's still cooking; bending me over the oven or throwing me up on the counter and gripping my hips as he pulls me toward him."

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