1989 Mint-Condition Corvette Convertible is Newport Beach Buyer's Christmas Miracle

Christmas Eve, Newport Beach advertising executive Mike Robertson was expecting the coolest stocking stuffer--if he had a really big stocking, that is: a cherry red, 1989, mint-condition Corvette convertible with 67 miles on the odometer. How he got the car for the same amount originally sought in '89--just shy of $40,000--was a Christmas miracle.

The Los Angeles Times has the bizarre story.

Police in October recovered the 'Vette that had been stolen from a San Diego car dealership 23 years earlier. It was in a storage unit where the renter had made about $70,000 in payments over the years but had stopped making payments this year.

The Corvette was turned over to the insurer, which put it up for auction via eBay.  

Robertson was the top bidder at just over $39,000, which included the delivery fee and was the same price as what was on the original sticker still affixed to the windshield.

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