Your homegirl Ms Krazie!
Your homegirl Ms Krazie!

Why Rapper Ms Krazie Loves OC Enough to Name Her Baby SanTana

Ms Krazie is truly a hip-hop phenomena. With five studio albums now to her credit, the Jenni Rivera-style chingona on the mic is one of the best at what she does. Ms Krazie's raspy, raw Spanglish delivery makes her an undeniable talent upon first listen. She continues to mature in her craft as is displayed on 2012's Forgive Not Forget whether it's backed by the smooth beats of producer D. Salas or feeling out rock influences on tracks like "Love You Till Death." What makes Ms Krazie so damn special lies in the fact that with her skills and down-to-earth personality, she managed to build a large, loyal fan base before ever doing extensive touring or even dropping a music video. Not many else can claim the same.

Better yet, she's all that and a true SanTanera at heart pronouncing the city name 'Santa Ana' as the natives do (and how we write it!) Her local 'Team Loca' legion is abuzz as the rapper is set to return to Orange County from El Paso,Texas this week for a special 'meet and greet' at Pachuco Tattoo in Orange where she will be on hand with signed CDs, posters and t-shirts. Before the line of fans outside the tattoo parlor stretches from Orange all the way to East LA, the Weekly checks in with Ms Krazie about meet and greets, her SanTana roots and asks when she'll come back for a show!

Gabriel San Román (OC Weekly):Is this 'Meet and Greet' the first time you've been back to Orange County as Ms Krazie? Ms Krazie: Musically, yes. Personally? No. I have in the past done a couple of trips over here because I still have family that resides in SanTana. But as far as music is concerned, this is the very first time I do anything music related in Orange County!

How does it feel to be here in this way for the fans? It feels good because it feels like something I've always had on my bucket list. It's still a little bit unreal. It was a super last minute thing that I worked out with the people at the tattoo shop. My whole purpose for coming here in the first place was to take my kids to Disneyland and visit family, but since being here, I thought it would be a good idea to finally do something. Now that I live in Texas, it's not that often that I get a chance to come this way. Being that I was going to be in Orange County, I said, 'Why not!"

You've done 'meet and greets' before in Compton, San Diego and other places. How have these experiences gone? My main reason for doing 'meet and greets' is because I personally wish that artists I look up to would do that for me. Unfortunately, I don't really see anybody doing it. I hope that by me doing these types of events it shows other artists that people appreciate them. First of all, it's free. It's not like a show where somebody has to pay for their ticket or there's an age restriction. They don't even have to buy any merchandise. They can just simply go and take a picture with you and that means a lot. When I do these events, people are appreciative. I always get to hear why they like my music. They tell me what their favorite songs are. In Southern California, there was huge turnouts. I had people traveling all the way to Sacramento. It's just amazing!

The event is in Orange, but your OC roots are in SanTana. What can you tell us about the city you grew up in? My first memory of the U.S. coming straight from Mexico as a kid for the very first time was SanTana. I remember getting here at night. It was such a beautiful city. I was literally in awe. It was incredible for me coming from where I was coming from. It was love at first sight. My family arrived at our relative's apartment. I don't even know how to put it into words. If I had been born in the U.S., I think I would have been born in SanTana! I would go to the flea market. Back in the day, I used to cruise down Bristol. It helps that I still have a lot of family that lives here. I have a reason and an excuse to visit from time to time. I continue to feel the same way for SanTana as I've always felt.

The youngest of your three daughters is named Santana. I've always wondered...did you name her after the city? It was a win-win for myself and for my dad because he's a big fan of the artist Santana. My dad plays the electric guitar. He's always been a rocker his entire life. He's a huge fan of Santana and I have my love for SanTana the city. When I was thinking about what to name my little girl, it was a no-brainer. I knew my dad would be appreciative that I knew how much Santana means to him and I know he knows how much the city means to me. I think it's just a beautiful name. Believe it or not, after they've found out I had named her that, a couple of fans of mine have kids named 'Santana.'

You're here for the 'meet and greet,' but the big question is when are you coming back for a show? I have never performed in Southern California at all. I wouldn't call it a show, but I did have an album release party in Long Beach back in 2008. A lot of people ask me why I've never performed in Southern California even though I've been all across the country and in Mexico. The expectations that I have for when I do my first show here are very high. If I wanted to do a show, I could do it but it wouldn't be fair for the the fans. I have been offered shows here in the area, but they want to make them at clubs that are 21 and over and I'm not willing to do that because most of my fans are underage. I feel that's unfair and until I find a place that is going to take all of my fans in, meaning all ages, then I'm not going to do it.

Until then, Ms Krazie will be appearing for a 'Meet and Greet' at Pachuco Tattoo, 1161 N. Tustin Street, Orange. Thurs., 5 p.m. Free. All ages!

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