Reiusse Against the Machine!
Reiusse Against the Machine!
Christopher Victorio

What to Look for in Rage Against the Machine's 20th Anniversary Box Set

On November 10, 1992, Rage Against the Machine released their self-titled debut assault of rap-rock radicalism upon the music world. Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford combined their collective talents together as the Epic release would eventually peak at No. 1 on the Billboard heatseekers chart. The commercial success of the uncompromising album of leftist political anthems surprised the Los Angeles band as critics hailed its blistering offerings including "Killing in the Name" and "Freedom."

Twenty years later, Legacy Recordings will commemorate the musical feat with a remastered reissue of Rage Against the Machine. When the anniversary box set is released on November 27 to the collective joy of the rebel rockers' loyal fan base, it will deliver a treasure trove in the form of a double CD, double DVD, vinyl LP, poster and 40-page booklet!

When that day arrives, here's what to look for:

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Three bonus track B-sides are promised on the double album's first disc. These include live recordings taken from the "Bombtrack," "Bullet in the Head" and "Freedom" single releases. Unless you were a RATM fanatic from the get go, chances are you don't have these. The second disc includes Rage Against the Machine's demo tape! Morello flexes a different solo on "Killing in the Name," but the intrigued will enjoy all the cuts that didn't make the major label release like "Auto Logic," "The Narrows," and "Clear the Lane" which features one of the guitarist's nastiest solos ever! We know you're as pumped as the guy in the front row of the crowd in this video:

The box set will also include two DVDs chalk full of the band's dread-swaying, fist-raising onstage performances. Fans will finally get their hands on The Battle of Britain, the free concert the band played at London's Finsbury Park in June 2010 as a thank you to a fan revolt against the X Factor that made "Killing in the Name" the No. 1 song in the U.K. on Christmas the year before. In addition to all their official music videos, an included performance of "Vietnow" at the then Irvine Meadows Amphitheater is sadly destined to be a historical artifact thanks to Great Park shenanigans.

The second DVD goes back into the VHS time machine and features the band's first performance ever at the quad of Cal State Northridge on October 23, 1991. De la Rocha announces the genocide denouncing "Darkness of Greed" to the crowd as a woman snidely replies "a happy song!" in the background. The set list that day also presaged their Renegades spirit with a cover of The Clash's "Clampdown." The other footage that will definitely make you wish you were in the know before the band exploded is a crowded, furious in-store performance at Zed's Records in Long Beach from 1992.

Unfortunately, "Producer," the greatest Rage Against the Machine song never released is not included in the retrospective in any form, but given the fact that, despite being on good terms with each other, it's unlikely that the band will record a new album anytime soon, bring on the box set!

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