Well Hung Heart
Well Hung Heart

Well Hung Heart's Web Series 'Made In 48' Matches Creativity With Quickness

As we noted in our feature on one of our favorite local bands Well Hung Heart a few weeks ago, there's more to more than the simple act of rockin' out. With their production company GROWvision, Greta Valenti and Robin Davey are accomplished producers whose work on shows like the music showcase Live From Daryl's House featuring '80s icon Daryl Hall has earned them accolades along with a nice reputation.

We're happy to announce that the duo is up to their old tricks with the creation of a new web series called Made In 48. Hosted by Well Hung Heart, they invited their friends Gram Rabbit to come to our house and write a new song, record it. create, film, edit, and upload a music video. If you guessed that it's going to happen all within a 48-hour window, then you're correct!

Take a peek at Episode One below and be sure to follow them on YouTube as they post more clips and shows in the weeks to come.

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