Watch Artist Robert Vargas Paint Far East Movement Today!

Artist Robert Vargas, who most recently was on the cover of our sister publication LA Weekly's Best of LA People, is going to paint hip-hop group Far East Movement live at the LA Art Walk later today.

After which the boys who made "Like a G6" 2010's disco anthem and turned "sizzurp" into a household term will give a free performance of songs from their debut Free Wired

Once the mural is painted, Far East Movement will start their performance while the mural dries in the background by the end of their set.

"The finished painting will symbolize staying present and capturing the moment," said Vargas in a statement, adding, "this is a collaboration of exploring artistic dialogue in the community by making our collective art accessible in the true spirit of expression."

The Downtown L.A. Art Walk is a monthly showcase of the galleries, artists, photography, restaurants, bars and businesses in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Both Far East Movement and Vargas have roots in downtown LA; Far East Movement invited Vargas to make a cameo in the music video for their single "Rocketeer" as an artist that designs a jet pack--it was also shot in the neighborhood where Far East Movement and Vargas grew up.

Performance location: 114 West 5th St., Los Angeles (between Spring and Main)


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