Was Obama An Extra In The Video For "Whoomp (There It Is?)"

Was Obama An Extra In The Video For "Whoomp (There It Is?)"

[via Gawker]
The biggest thing on the Interwebz this weekend was a story going around that President Obama was in Tag Team's 1993 hit song "Whoomp (There It Is)." According to Gawker, the whole conspiracy theory has appeared everywhere, from the hip hop message board Tha Corner, the message board SomethingAwful and the Tea Party website Tennessee Sons of Liberty. Watch the video after the jump.

Watch the dude playing dominos at 1:01. Here are a few snippets of Gawker's investigative journalism at work:


  • Obama has a well-documented fondness for hip hop. He likes Kanye West and Ludacris.
  • As one commenter on SomethingAwful noted: The man in the video is playing dominoes with his left hand. BARACK OBAMA IS ALSO LEFT HANDED!
  • The video was released in 1993. Barack would have been around 31 when it was filmed, a year or two out of Harvard Law. Seems like something cool that our coolest, cigarette-smoking, hoops-shooting future president would do as an early 30-something.


  • But, actually, by 1993, Obama was deeply involved in community activism in Chicago. In 1992, Obama famously helped boost voter turnout among blacks through his tireless organizing. How would Obama had the time to film this video? And why the hell would the director of Tag Team's video seek out a notable community organizer to play a domino player? Maybe they were buddies from Harvard or something.
  • Also, Tag Team is from Atlanta. If Obama wanted to make his rap video debut, wouldn't he have chosen an early-90s act from his beloved Chicago? Maybe Da Brat, or Crucial Conflict? And he would obviously be wearing a Bulls hat--not a Compton one.

Anyway, read the whole post here.


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