[W/VIDEOS] Corridos Praising Christopher Dorner Start Appearing on YouTube

[W/VIDEOS] Corridos Praising Christopher Dorner Start Appearing on YouTube

The embers hadn't even cooled in the cabin that served as the inferno that claimed the life of cop killer Christopher Dorner before songs praising Dorner's life started appearing on YouTube. And I'm not talking about some rap ditty or folk bullshit, but bona fide corridos, the ballads of Mexico that has served as the first draft of the country's history for over a century and is especially great at immortalizing anti-heroes. Hell, the people who wrote them didn't even wait for a conjunto to back them up--most of them so far are a capella, but betcha that you'll hear recordings in the coming days.

So far, all of them aren't praising Dorner so much as giving him his respeto--in other words, telling his story and taking his side. Hey, who said Mexicans are racists against negritos?

The first one is called "Manifesto de Muerte." The singer calls him a


("buddy") and sings "with his powerful arsenal/he's knocking off the bodies" of "corrupt police." This is a good one:

The next one is performed in the hard-charging sierreño genre of Sinaloa--nothing but acoustic guitar. Too bad the lyrics--"They killed him/they killed him"--is a joke, if true. Imagine some


lyrics accompanying this strumming and plucking?!

Better is "El Mata Policias"--"The Police Killer." Here, the singer takes the perspective of Dorner, even giving a shout-out to

Oso Grande

--Big Bear.

More--many more--to come in the following days, undoubtedly...

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