Max and the Moon
Max and the Moon

Video: Max and the Moon Mess With Your Mind in 'The Way I See'

While we're no strangers to the effects of mind-altering pharmaceuticals,  we have to say, Max and the Moon really know how to trip us out. As the band continues to bulk up its repertoire of well-constructed concept videos centered around it's You Tube trilogy The Trail of Dead--which we touched on in their recent Locals Only column--they've also hit us this morning with another A/V gem that favors a more earthly realm than the romantic saga of young love, face-painted ghouls and sea monsters set forth in their previous video for the song "Out of My Head."

This new video for the title track of their most recent EP The Way I See is more of a Memento-inspired head trip that involves one very confused man in a suit and tie. The song, centered on the power of memories, is one of the first things that brought this band to our attention so we're glad to see something this strange and glorious (including the band's sweet moves in front of a white screen) make it to our computer screen.

The band are staying busy through the winter finishing new material, wrapping up more videos and getting in your face as much as possible. That includes their headlining set on Jan. 3 at the

Constellation Room

alongside The Push, Future Fix and Warships. With all this stuff going on, it's amazing they can keep it all straight. Obviously they don't share the same prescriptions as the guy in this video. Check it out below.

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