[UPDATED] Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Video is Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone!

Off YouTube, but forever stuck in our heads. Partyin' partyin' yeah!
Off YouTube, but forever stuck in our heads. Partyin' partyin' yeah!

UPDATE, JUNE 17, 2:45 P.M.: So Friday has come, and all is still silent. As we sit here, lookin' forward to . . . nothing, here are some more details on the disappearance of Rebecca Black's "Friday" video:   

According to Reuters, there's been a months-long dispute between Black's lawyers and Ark Music, which produced the YouTube megahit.

. . . Black says she never got the master recordings allegedly due to her by contract and that Ark hadn't attained the necessary rights to advertise her as an exclusive Ark recording artist and commercially exploit the song in derivatives like ringtones.    

You'd think a so-called record label would have these legalities covered, but then again, who would have predicted a song about cereal and car seats would rack up more than 167 million views on YouTube and nearly $25,000 in weekly profits

Seems like Black is now trying to make it on her own. Today on Twitter, the OC 13-year-old announced her "ONE AND ONLY OFFICIAL" Facebook page

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 16: 4:52 P.M.: Yesterday, it was here. To-day, it is gone. TechCrunch reports that Rebecca Black's "Friday," the music video we love to secretly love hate has vanished from YouTube due to a copyright claim filed by Rebecca Black herself. Oh noes! How will we know what day it is?!   

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