UPDATED: Rebecca Black Getting Death Threats!

UPDATE, April 20, 3:49 p.m: Are the death threats a publicity stunt? Our sister publication LA Weekly did some more digging, and says the whole thing is "ridiculously misreported." Read it after the jump. 

ORIGINAL POST: April 20, 12:08 p.m.: According to RadarOnline, "Friday" singer Rebecca Black has gotten two death threats (via phone and email) and is now under the protection of Anaheim police. Anaheim Police spokesman Rick Martinez said, "The threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they would kill her. We are taking the threats very seriously."
What the hell? I can think of a thousand songs worse than "Friday"! How heartless can you be to threaten the 13-year-old who sang  "fun, fun, think about fun"? Plus, she didn't even write it.

People are just jealous that "Friday" has more than 110 million views on YouTube and even inanimate objects in the video have Facebook fans.

We wonder how this will affect her mall tour?

UPDATE: Our sister publication LA Weekly thought the whole thing was kind of fishy, so did some asking of their own. Here's what Anaheim Police spokesman Rick Martinez told them.

Is it common for the Anaheim police department to investigate random internet threats? Did it make a difference that Rebecca Black is a viral celebrity?
It's not the issue of being a celebrity. Whenever there are criminal threats, that's against the law. She lives in our city and goes to school here, so we take it seriously.

Why is this being investigated now?
This not real brand-new. When the video went viral that's when these things came in. It involved--I don't have the details here--a management company and a production company. This was week's ago. Somebody got a phone call and somebody got an email. I'm not sure which one got which. I don't know specifically.

A detective had been looking into it for weeks, but until last Friday I didn't know about [the threats]. Then last Friday we got a phone call from the Smoking Gun website, who were asking if there was any police activity related to Rebecca Black. That's when I looked into it and found out the detective had been working on these two threats.

So the Smoking Gun was the first news outlet looking for this story?
Yeah, the first time I had been aware we had been working on this case. But if someone, anyone, makes a death threat it's against the law.

Are you aware Rebecca Black and her family and her production company are currently in litigation over the profits of "Friday"?
No, I was not aware of that.

Who reported the threats to you back in March?
I couldn't answer that.

Has the police been contacted by Rebecca Black or her family about these threats?
No, we haven't been contacted by them.


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